Bahrain’s Sheikh Nasser Challenged Everyone To A $100,000 Squat Challenge!

Hera Shabbir

This one’s for the fitness fanatics. If you’re someone who is proud of their fitness journey and know you can do some impressive sets at the gym, then keep reading! Sheikh Nasser, also a prominent fitness enthusiast in the Kingdom, has challenged everyone in Bahrain to a $100,000 squat challenge.

Sheikh Nasser himself has completed the multiple sets of squats


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The challenge includes the following sets that each person is expected to complete. Once done, the winner will get a hefty price of $100,000 which is worth 37,541 BHD!

  • 60kg / 30reps / 30sec rest
  • 100kg / 25reps / 30sec rest
  • 140kg / 20reps/ 30sec rest
  • 180kg / 15reps/ 30sec rest
  • 220kg / 10reps/ 30sec rest
  • 220kg / 10reps/ 30sec rest
  • 180kg / 15reps/ 20sec rest
  • 140kg / 20reps/ 20sec rest
  • 100kg / 25reps/ 20sec rest
  • 60kg / 30reps/ 20sec rest

Scary thing is they even provide you with a bucket in case you puke…

The Spartan website even says that the equipment allowed for the challenge is just a belt, and a bucket in case you puke due to all the pressure! If that isn’t a challenge…we don’t know what is.. Good luck to everyone participating!

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