Join In With The Crowd At These 5 Ideal Spots To Watch The FIFA World Cup In Bahrain

Hera Shabbir

The Qatar FIFA World Cup kicked off last night and the matches have officially begun. People flocked the stadiums to witness the Middle East’s first FIFA World Cup and it was phenomenal. However, for those of you who aren’t at the stadiums, these 5 places in and around Bahrain will definitely enhance your viewing experience.


Dress in your team’s colors and head on over to these 5 spots in Bahrain

From a colorful ambiance, sporty vibe, to even a delicious menu to accompany the suspenseful feelings, these spots are perfect for you and the squad to watch all the FIFA matches. Enjoy the whole football season by hopping through this list of FIFA hotspots in the area, and see which one’s your favorite.


5. Al Bindaira Cafe


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This spot is perfect to sip on some delicious coffee or tea, and enjoy a delicious Bahraini meal. Aside from their divine menu, the ambiance at this spot is top tier. Make sure to bring along your phone to take some pictures of your experience.

Find out the timing of this spot here

4. Aroma Cafe


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Aroma is actually the best place to be if you’re looking for Lebanese cuisine. Their mouth-watering mixed grill is the perfect pair for the match. Munch away during half-time, and make suer to try their awesome selection of drinks.

Timings: 9am-7pm


3. Kasbah Restaurant & Lounge


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This place is the perfect spot to enjoy the windy weather of Bahrain these days. You can enjoy the match on their huge projector screen outside, or sit indoors with your friends in front of one of the many TV’s. Make sure to order their selection of grills, because these guys have quite the delicious menu.

2. Topaz

This spot is definitely a top pick when it comes to a unique ambiance. It’s delicious menu, beautiful aesthetic, and enthusiastic crowd makes Topaz one of the top places to watch the World Cup. Make sure to take your squad for some cute pics and memorable moments.

1. Angham Beirut

Enjoy the aqua-blue waters of Bahrain from this gem in Amwaj Islands, while you cheer on your favorite team. This spot has the best selection of traditional Arabic food, refreshing drinks, and stunning views. Watch your team score on the big screens at this spot.

Timing: 9-2am


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