Google Doodle Just Celebrated A Lebanese-American Poet And Artist!

Diana E.

On Monday, Google Doodle celebrated Lebanese-American poet and artist Etel Adnan by featuring a cartoon on its homepage for users in selected countries.

Who was Etel Adnan?

Etel Adnan, born in Beirut on February 24, 1925, was best known for her diverse and multidisciplinary body of work, encompassing poetry, oil paintings, films, sculpture, and tapestries.

She found inspiration for her art in her native country and also in California, where she lived and worked in the 1980s, before moving to Paris towards the end of her life.

As well as her renowned visual art, she won acclaim for her novels and poems, which explored identity, memory, feminism, and the human experience.

Her written works include Moonshots (1966), Sitt Marie Rose (1978), Paris, When It’s Naked (1993), and Master of the Eclipse (2009).

She died, aged 96, in 2021 in Paris. Her partner was fellow Lebanese-American artist Simone Fattal, who is still living and working in Paris, aged 82.


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