Complaining Or Breaking Down? How Did Thanaweya Amma Students React To Their Arabic Exam?

Malak Nazir

Thanaweya Amma Students After Their First Exam

Today marked the start of the final exams for Thanaweya Amma students with the Arabic exam, set to run until July 21. The first day brought mixed reactions from the students.

Some students experienced challenges during the exam period, noting the difficulty of the questions and repeated power outages that added to their stress. Meanwhile, other students found the exam to be of average difficulty. They mentioned that the minor tricky parts could be easily managed with thorough preparation.

Can Anyone Know The Answer To This?

However, all students agreed that there was one particularly challenging question in the grammar section. Most of the students found it unsolvable to the extent where it ignited a debate on social media.

Parents and the community have demonstrated their opposition on X. Advocating for an uninterrupted power supply to foster a fair testing environment.

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