This Geology Teacher Earned EGP 1.2 Million In One Class!

Malak Nazir

A geology teacher became a millionaire in one night!

In an unusual educational event, a geology teacher managed to earn EGP 1.2 million from just one class! This sparked widespread interest and debate across the social media users. The teacher, who hosted a massive revision session at the renowned Hassan Mustafa Hall, drew an overwhelming crowd of over 4,000 students on the night of their final exam.


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Do the math yourself…

Although the session aimed at helping students ace their geology finals, it wasn’t just a basic revision; it became a viral sensation! capturing the attention of media personalities and the public alike. Among the surprised was Amr Adeeb, who was taken back by the geology teacher’s earning potential of the teacher. He even compared him to Hollywood star Tom Cruise!

Amr Adeeb did the calculations to only to find out that the 4,000 student present at the hall each paid EGP 300, making a total of EGP 1.2 million!

What do the people think?

While some are defending the teacher and criticizing Amr Adeeb’s reaction, others are considering a career switch to private teaching.

Trouble ahead…

However, the situation took a more serious turn when the Ministry of Youth and Sports stepped in. They issued a statement regarding the suspension of several officials at the Hassan Mustafa hall

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