After 10 Years… Lamis ElHadidy Revealed Her Courageous Battle Against Cancer

Malak Nazir

Lamis ElHadidy Reveals Her Battle with Cancer

In a heartfelt disclosure, renowned TV presenter Lamis ElHadidy shared her personal battle with cancer, a revelation she had kept hidden from the public until recently. Lamis ElHadidy described this period as a “nightmare,” reflecting the immense personal challenges she faced during her treatment.

What do the People Think?

Ever since her interview, Lamis has been topping the trending list on X. This left many confused and under the impression that she’s still ill. But in reality, she was diagnosed 10 years ago and has since fully recovered. Today, she leads a healthy life, surrounded by the friends and family who supported her throughout her journey

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Emphasizing the Importance of Regular Health Check-Ups

The courage to speak publicly came with a strong message to her audience, particularly women. Lamis emphasized the critical role that regular medical check-ups played in her early diagnosis. It was during one of these routine screenings that her condition was detected, underscoring the importance of consistent health monitoring.

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