This Kuwaiti Bank Is Facing Criticism For Featuring Mohamed Salah In Its Ad Campaign

Malak Nazir

What’s the tea about?

A Kuwaiti bank has recently unveiled its latest advertising campaign, starring Egyptian football icon Mohamed Salah. The campaign has quickly become a hot topic across various online platforms. While some were thrilled to see a global superstar representing the bank, others weren’t so happy.

People’s reaction on the Kuwaiti bank’s ad…

Many view the campaign as a success, believing that Salah’s involvement has significantly enhanced the bank’s global recognition and prestige. However, another group argues that spotlighting Kuwaiti football talent would have been a better choice. They argue that using homegrown talent would better represent Kuwaiti identity and support the local sports community. “We have so many talented footballers here in Kuwait. Why not give them the spotlight?” commented a local supporter.

Heating up the debate even further, some are calling for a boycott of Salah. Critics point to his views on the Palestinian cause and argue he’s not the right fit for the ad.

As the conversation continues, it’s apparent that the advertisement has touched a nerve, prompting discussions about cultural representation and the impact of global celebrities on local scenes. Love it or hate it, one thing’s for sure: Mohamed Salah’s role in the campaign has got everyone talking!

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