Have You Noticed These 3 Pro-Palestine Ramadan Productions?

Malak Nazir

Always in our hearts

The holy month of Ramadan, celebrated as a time of togetherness and happiness, faces challenges in fostering this spirit due to the current attack on Gaza. Nevertheless, these three Ramadan productions actively demonstrate their support for Palestine through their works:

3. We – Dayman Ala Baly

The message behind the advertisement is so wholesome. It showcases the eternal love we have for our family and special ones. As the song’s name entails, ‘Dayman Ala Baly’ translates to ‘Always In My Mind’ and including the symbol of Palestine means that theywill always be in our minds.

2. Flags painted on walls – Aala Nesbet Moshahda

Apart from the fact that the series sheds light on a crucial story, the production team were always keen on including symbols of Palestine throughout camera shots. The neighbourhood in which Shaimaa, the main character lives in, is beautified with pro-Palestine graffiti.

1. The storyline of ‘Maleeha’

United Media Services produces ‘Maleeha’ to support the Palestinian cause. The series revolves around a Palestinian family living in Sallum village but after clashes break out in Libya they decide to return to Gaza through Egypt where they face many difficulties.

Egyptian star Diab lands his first leading role in the series which also brings together Mervat Amin, Ashraf Zaki, Amir El Masry among others.

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