24 French Tourists Were Rescued After A Yacht Hit A Coral Reef In Marsa Alam

Raghad Khaled

24 French Tourists Rescued After Yacht Hit Marsa Alam’s Coral Reefs

Marsa Alam, located south of the Red Sea, witnessed the sinking of a tourist boat carrying divers after hitting one of the coral reefs. First responders managed to rescue 24 French tourists who were onboard, without any injuries.

Concerned authorities received notification that the tourist boat was wrecked after hitting a coral reef near the Satayeeh Reef area, as the coral reefs caused serious damage to the boat.

One of the nearby boats in the area was able to transport the tourists on the stricken boat and provide them with all necessary services, they were rescued and taken to one of the marinas near the coast of Marsa Alam without any injuries, and the concerned authorities began investigating the accident.

Official authorities arrived at the site of the accident and are currently conducting their investigation to conclude the reason of the incident.

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