Power Outage Updates! 7 Crucial Decisions And Strategies To Resolve The Crisis

Malak Nazir

Here’s everything you need to know about the decisions and strategies to overcome the power outage crisis. These decisions are agreed upon by Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly on Tuesday in a press conference on the electricity crisis.

7. 3-Hour Power Outage This Week

Power cuts will persist for three hours daily till the end of this week, decreasing to two hours daily next week. It will gradually reduce until the crisis is fully resolved

6. Promises To End Power Outage By End Of This Year

Authorities are optimistic that they will resolve the ongoing power outage crisis by the end of the year, restoring normalcy.

5. Business Hours Adjustment

Starting next week, all shops will close at 10 PM, while supermarkets and pharmacies will stay open until 1 AM to accommodate essential needs.

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4. $1 Billion Governmental Strategy

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly has announced a $1 billion plan designed to shorten the duration of power cuts and help the nation weather the summer crisis more effectively.

3. Reason Behind Increased Electricity Cuts

Yesterday’s increase in power outages was due to a 12-hour disruption in power fields in the neighboring countries.

2. Fuel Supply Assurance And 1. Recent Consumption

The recent heatwave led to a record consumption of 36 gigawatts of electricity in just one day, underscoring the strain on the power grid. However, diesel shipments worth $180 million are scheduled to arrive early next week to ensure steady power supply.

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