5 Activities To Indulge In As Egypt Expects Warmer Weather

Raghad Khaled

5 Activities To Indulge In As Egypt Braces For Warmer Weather

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority has announced that egypt is heading toward warmer weather, with increased daytime temperatures. Whereas, nighttime temperatures will remain unchanged.

So, we brought you some Cairo-based activities that will keep you warm in these cold winter days!

5- Hiking in Wadi Degla Protectorate:

Finding good hiking spots in Cairo is no easy task since Cairo’s landscape doesn’t include professionally equipped locations. Therefore, located perfectly within Maadi, the Wadi Degla Protectorate offers a variety of perfect spots to satisfy your hiking urge!

4- Museum Hopping In the Religious Complex

Conveniently located within Old Cairo, the Religious complex will take you on a much-needed historically induced trip!

From the Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque to the Hanging Church and Jewish Temple of Ibn Azra, the religious complex offers a wide variety of museums that will satisfy your history itch!

3- Immerse yourself in Cairo’s Magnificent Gardens

Finding a serene garden to unwind in is not an easy task in Cairo’s brutal neighborhoods, so, these gardens are the perfect spots to immerse yourself in greenery parks!

From Al Azhar to Al Andalus, to Family Park, these three locations offer a variety of activities to enjoy with your friends and family in a serene and natural atmosphere!

2- Morning Yoga by the Nile

What’s better than Yoga? Yoga with a picturesque view! Located conveniently on Gazirat Ad Dahab, Ahimsa offers a wide range of exciting activities, however, the one that caught our eyes the most is their 11 AM Yoga session by the Nile!


1- Horse Riding At the Pyramids!

Indulge in the pharaoh-like experience with an adrenaline-piping horse ride at the pyramids where you’ll see an exciting panoramic view while immersing yourself in a lively experience!

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