5 Irreplaceable Ramadan Vibes That Are Around The Corner!

Malak Nazir

Ramadan Kareem!

Now that the National Research Institute of Astronomy has confirmed Ramadan will commence on the 11th of March, let’s unleash the Ramadan spirit! This special time marks not just fasting from dawn until sunset. Here’s a closer look at the irreplaceable vibe you can only experience during Ramadan.

5. El Mesaharaty

‘Esha ya nayem, wahed el dayem’ The traditional wake-up calls by drummers roaming the streets before dawn are a timeless tradition that adds a unique cultural flavor to the month.

4. Gatherings Over Ramadan TV Dramas

Each Ramadan brings a new slate of TV series and shows that are eagerly awaited by families. These programs become a staple of nightly entertainment, creating shared experiences and memories.

3. The Spirit of Giving and Charity

Ramadan is also a time for generosity and giving back to the community. The acts of charity and kindness that are a hallmark of this month reflect the core values of Islam and bring people closer together.

2. Taraweeh Prayers

Usually, Muslims gather in mosques for Taraweeh prayers after the iftar meal. It’s a special prayer performed only during the Holy Month. These prayers are a spiritual journey through the Quran, offering a time for reflection and devotion that strengthens the community’s faith and connection.

1. Decorative Neighbourhoods

The festive atmosphere of Ramadan is visible in the decorations that adorn streets, mosques, and homes. Lanterns, lights, and banners not only brighten the environment but also serve as a reminder of the joy and sanctity of the month.

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