6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your City


6. Cairo is the only city that still has an ancient wonder of the world

5. Cairo is one of the largest cities in Africa

4. It’s home to one of the oldest and still functioning universities in the world – Al Azhar

Al- Azhar University is also the world’s second-largest institution of higher learning.

3. It has islands right in the center of the city

The Nile River literally flows through Cairo, with some areas such as Zamalek, Garden City and Downtown Cairo enjoying an up close view of the water!

2. Cairo’s metro is one of the top 15 busiest in the world

This comes as no surprise with a rapidly growing population, and people constantly trying to avoid traffic

1. Its a world heritage site

With almost 600 monuments in just one city dating back to the 7th century, UNESCO listed Cairo as world heritage site in 1979.

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