A Massive Fire Broke Out Of A Zamalek Residential Building

Raghad Khaled

A Massive Fire Broke Out Of A Zamalek Residential Building

A massive fire broke out in one of the residential towers next to the aquarium in the Zamalek area, at noon, today.

The official of the Civil Protection Operations Room in Cairo received a notification about heavy smoke rising from a property on Bahaa El-Din Qaraqoush Street.

The Civil Protection Forces in Giza mobilized 6 firetrucks and were able to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading.

Initial examination revealed that the fire broke out on the last floor of the residential tower, and thankfully, no casualties were reported.

The Cairo Security Directorate’s detectives listen to the statements of eyewitnesses and residents of the apartment to uncover the circumstances of the incident, and the necessary legal measures have been taken regarding the incident.

Some social media outlets reported that the fire was caused by Air conditioner malfunctioning, however, the cause behind the fire is still not confirmed.

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