All You Need To Know About Dengue Fever Outbreak In Qena

Raghad Khaled

All You Need To Know About The Dengue Fever Outbreak In Qena, Egypt:

Yesterday, The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population released a statement on its Facebook account providing more information on the Dengue Fever outbreak in Aleqat, Qena.

The Ministry assured Egyptians that the situation is under control and that all infected individuals have been treated at home due to the simplicity of their conditions.

The statement confirmed that more than 60 patients were tested and that they are currently inspecting the water resources in villages to prevent an increase in the outbreak.

Additionally, the minister revealed in the statement that the ministry has dedicated an investigative team to monitor and evaluate the situation in the Village.

The investigative team will also be in charge of inspecting suspicious cases, providing preventative measures, and taking samples in order to determine the reason behind the outbreak.

What is Dengue Fever?

According to the World Health Organization, Dengue Fever is an infectious virus that is transmitted to humans through the bites of infected mosquitos.

Additionally, humans can get infected after the mosquito has bitten another human who has the virus.

WHO also confirmed that the virus exists in more than 100 countries, infects about 400 Million individuals annually, and that 40% of the world population is prone to become infected.

The international organization also confirmed that 95% of infected individuals have reported symptoms of headache, vomiting, high fever, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, and rashes.

The ministry also stated that the symptoms remain from two to seven days, and can be cured with Paracetamol.

How is the Virus Formed?

The main transmitter of the virus is the Egyptian Yellow Fever Mosquito and the Asian Tiger Mosquitos.

The environments where mosquitos are reproduced the most are near stagnant waters, landfills, and uncovered drainage.

Therefore, the best control method is to improve the level of general hygiene and work to prevent the presence of garbage, swamps, and stagnant water.

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