Hadayek El Kobba Building Collapse Kills 15 And Injures 5

Raghad Khaled
Hadayek El Kobba Building Collapse Kills 15 And Injures 5

Hadayek El Kobba Building Collapse Leaves 15 Dead and 5 Injured

On Monday morning, Civil Protection received a report that a 5-story building in Hadayek El Kobba had collapsed.

Upon Civil Protection’s arrival, they found 8 dead and multiple others injured as a result of the collapse.

The forces were able to extract the victims from under the rubble and transferred them quickly to El Demerdash Hospital to receive the needed treatment.

The number of casualties increased a while after, reaching 15 dead and 5 injured.

Cairo’s Administrative Prosecution Investigates The Collapse

The Administrative Prosecution Entity in Cairo has opened an investigation into the collapse to determine the responsibility behind the lost lives and injuries. They have also instructed the local administration to measure and inspect the damage caused to the neighboring buildings.

Cairo Governor confirmed the arrest of the owner of the building for conducting illegal modification to the building, including the removal of a pillar for the purpose of expansion without consulting the neighborhood’s authority.

He also confirmed the evacuation of surrounding buildings to ensure their safety from the collapse.

Additionally, the National Alliance For Urban Development has quickly provided aid for the affected families.

The Alliance stated that families whose members sadly lost their lives will receive EGP50K, while injured individuals will receive a compensation of EGP 25K.

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