Egypt Repatriates 40 Artifacts Smuggled To Germany

Raghad Khaled
Egypt Repatriates 40 Artifacts Smuggled To Germany

Germany Returns 40 Smuggled Egyptian Artifacts To The Egyptian Embassy In Berlin!

Egyptian Ambassador Khaled Galal announced earlier that the Embassy has received over 40 Egyptian artifacts from the German authorities in Berlin.

The artifacts were confiscated when they first arrived at Frankfurt Airport on a plane coming from Thailand and on the way to the United Kingdom.

The artifacts were given back to the Egyptian authorities at the embassy in Berlin by an official at the Cultural Officer For the Middle East and Africa region at the German Foreign Ministry.

Egyptian Ambassador to Germany Khaled Galal announced that this is the fifth time they find Egyptian artifacts smuggled into Germany.

Additionally, officials at the embassy worked hand in hand with the Ministry and with the concerned authorities, to work on returning the artifacts as per the agreement signed by Egypt in 1970 regarding the smuggled Egyptian antiquities.

The cultural representative of the German Foreign Ministry expressed his satisfaction at the smuggled objects being returned to the Egyptian government and hailed it as a major victory for the ministry.

The return of the artifacts is considered to be the product of years-long cooperation between the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and the German Foreign Ministry.


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