Are Ride-Hailing Apps Going Away? MP Suggests Suspension Due To Crimes

Raghad Khaled

Are Ride-Hailing Applications Going Away? Member of Parliament Suggests Suspension Due To Increased Crimes

Egyptian Member of Parliament and the Human Rights Committee in the House of Representatives, Amal Salama, Proposed a temporary suspension of ride-hailing applications due to the alarming rise in crime related to these apps. 

Amal suggested that these applications be temporarily suspended until they comply with the safety procedures outlined by Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouly in 2019.

Salama’s proposal comes after a nationwide call to regulate safety procedures on applications similar to Uber and in-Drive after the rise of a series of crimes including attempted abduction, assault, and indecent assault.

The most recent crime involves a German tourist who reported that her Uber driver tried to assault and kidnap her. The driver was later sentenced to 3 years in prison. 

Additionally, a user on X, just reported her in-Drive captain assaulted her after he wasn’t satisfied with the agreed-upon fare (EGP 55), he demanded she pay him an additional EGP 180, and an extra 20 for the air conditioner.

When she refused, he started driving angrily, while verbally harassing her, locked the car’s doors, and refused to let her out.

Alarmed by his actions, the passengers started calling loudly for help. Finally, when young men spotted the woman in distress, they promptly helped her, while the driver escaped.

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