CFJ Condemns BBC Over Suspension of Egyptian Journalist Sally Nabil For Pro-Palestine Tweet

Manar Eissa

The Committee for Justice (CFJ) has condemned the BBC’s management following claims of its arbitrary suspension of Sally Nabil, the network’s correspondent in Cairo. The suspension allegedly stems from Nabil’s action of liking a tweet expressing solidarity with Palestine, leading to accusations of policy violation, social media misuse, and bias against Israel.

Moreover, the Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate’s board has expressed unwavering support for Sally Nabil, emphasizing that the BBC’s investigation into her actions is seen as an attack on Arab journalists and a continuation of the Israeli army’s oppression against Palestinians.

According to the Telegraph Newspaper, the BBC suspended Egyptian journalist-reporter Sally Nabil after she liked a tweet supporting Palestine. Subsequently, BBC Arabic referred her to an investigation. The BBC accused Nabil of antisemitism, stating that she violated BBC’s social media rules by liking anti-Israeli tweets on the social media platform X.

The Egyptian syndicate’s board asserted that the investigation infringed upon Nabil’s right to freedom of expression and highlighted BBC’s double standards.

The Freedoms Committee expressed full solidarity with a colleague under investigation for bias charges, seeing it as targeting the Arab journalists’ institution. They highlighted the repeated referrals for investigation, which began during the Zionist aggression, as revealing unprofessional and biased coverage. The Committee emphasized that this bias favors Israeli aggression and turns the institution into a tool of the Israeli war machine. They stated that this situation violates the colleague’s right to express her opinion and exposes BBC’s double standards.


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