Coffee Price Hike Exceeds EGP 900

Manar Eissa

In a surprising turn of events, coffee prices in Egypt have skyrocketed, exceeding 900 pounds per kilogram for the first time in the country’s history. This unprecedented surge has caught the attention of consumers and industry experts alike, prompting discussions about the underlying factors driving such a sharp increase.

However, monitoring coffee prices in Egypt reveals that the recent spike is not an isolated occurrence but rather part of a broader global trend. Mohamed Nazmi, Vice President of the Coffee section, shed light on the situation, attributing the surge to a combination of global factors affecting the coffee industry.

One major factor contributing to the price hike is the impact of adverse weather conditions on coffee crops worldwide. Climate disruptions have wreaked havoc on coffee-producing regions, leading to reduced yields and increased production costs. 

The coffee industry faces challenges from weather, geopolitical tensions, and disruptions in trade. Problems in the Red Sea have disrupted shipping routes, making supply chains worse and costs higher. As a result, these global issues affect coffee prices in Egypt and other places.

As a result, coffee-producing countries across the globe are grappling with the challenge of meeting demand while navigating rising expenses associated with shipping, ports, insurance, and transportation.


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