Comedian Ramy Youssef Advocates For Palestine On Saturday Night Live


Egyptian-American Comedian Ramy Youssef uses his platform for good!

In a notable moment during his hosting debut on the legendary sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, Egyptian-American comedian, actor, and director Ramy Youssef seized the spotlight to advocate for the cause of Palestine. Throughout the show, Youssef, known for his roles in ‘Ramy’ and ‘Poor Things’, skillfully navigated the Muslim American experience during Ramadan, captivating the audience with his insights and humor.


However, it was his closing remarks that truly left a lasting impact. Youssef concluded his performance with a stirring plea for peace and freedom in Palestine, urging an end to violence and the release of hostages. The impassioned call garnered thunderous applause and cheers from the live audience in New York, underscoring the resonance of his message.

Youssef’s advocacy for Palestine extends beyond the stage, as evidenced by his recent display of solidarity at the Academy Awards, where he wore an Artists for Ceasefire pin. As a vocal advocate for social justice, Youssef continues to use his platform to shed light on pressing issues and inspire change.

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