‘Lunch Box’ Is Accused Of Mocking A Palestinian Martyr Child

Malak Nazir

People attack ‘Lunch Box’ series, saying “Martyrs are not for mockery.”

“Lunch Box” series has come under major criticism after its 6th episode aired. In this episode, Jamila Awad delivers lines identical to those spoken by the mother of Youssef, a Palestinian child martyred in Gaza. The similarity of the scene to a clip involving a child martyred in Gaza by occupation forces has ignited controversy.

How did this occur?

The scriptwriter has stated that these sentences were not in the original script, expressing surprise at the scene’s final version.

Jamila Awad, taking initiative, responded to people’s comments to clarify that the inclusion was unintended. She explained that the line referred to an actor selected at the last minute for the series, who did not fit the script’s original description.

Public opinion is divided:

Many defend the series and Jamila Awad.

Others vehemently oppose the portrayal, prompting the series’ director to issue an apology for any unintended resemblances.

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