Egypt Among Most 10 Searched Destinations On Google!

Raghad Khaled

Egypt is Among the Most 10 Searched Destinations on Google in 2023!

According to the French magazine Le Monde, Egypt was among the top 10 most searched destinations on the search engine Google!

According to them, tourists were amazed by Egypt’s vibrant culture, rich civilization, and diverse categories of activities, which made it every tourist’s dream to visit the country!

The writer encouraged readers to visit cities where Egyptian history shines, where there is a variety of temples and tombs to visit.

He also focused on Egypt’s rich ancient history as one of the main attractions, with sights such as the pyramids of Giza drawing in droves of tourists.

In addition to the Luxor and Karnak, which are essential stops, he also mentioned Abu Simbel as a worthy day trip from Aswan.

Red Sea & Diving!

Shedding Light on The Red Sea’s vibrant marine life, Oliver stressed the necessity to go on diving or a snorkeling trip when in Egypt, as it’s a must-do trip that will magically transform your trip!

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