Egypt Establishes A Dedicated Hotline For Sudanese Refugees

Raghda Salah Embaby

The Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt has initiated a program aimed at providing healthcare services to Sudanese refugees. As part of this initiative, they have introduced an automated response hotline to ensure convenient access to medical assistance. To avail themselves of the service, users can simply send a text message to the hotline number 15335, using the Arabic keywords “Nile” or “the Nile.” Upon sending the message, users will promptly receive a comprehensive list of the medical services available to them.




The Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt has set a goal of enhancing healthcare access for Sudanese refugees. To achieve this, they have implemented an automated response hotline, which offers a convenient way for individuals to access essential information regarding medical services. By taking this initiative, Egypt showcases its dedication to addressing the healthcare requirements of vulnerable populations, ultimately promoting improved health outcomes for Sudanese refugees.


The hotline provides details on various healthcare facilities nearby, medical conditions, mental health support, and national emergency hotlines. Additionally, it guides users to separate tracks specifically designed for pregnant women’s and children’s health concerns. The children’s services track includes crucial healthcare aspects like vaccinations, hearing check-ups, and thyroid issues.




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