Egypt Rejects Israel’s Request To Monitor Philadelphia Route

Raghad Khaled

Egypt Rejects Israel’s Request To Monitor Philadelphia Route

Three Egyptian security sources told Al Kahera Al Ikhbarye that Egypt has rejected Israel’s request to monitor the Philadelphia route- a restricted Palestinian area, in which Egypt and Gaza share a 13 km long border.

The sources also reiterated that Egypt prioritizes mediation efforts in the cessation of fire in Gaza.

It’s important to note that Egypt and Qatar played a huge role in the mediation discussions between Hamas and Israel, which included the release of hostages on both sides, cessation of fire, and the facilitation of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.

The Egyptian sources also said that during these talks, Israel contacted Egypt to secure the narrow buffer zone of the Philadelphia Axis along the border, as part of Israeli plans to prevent future attacks.

Additionally, Al Kahera Al Ikhbareya quoted an unidentified source on Monday saying that recent reports about planned cooperation between Egypt and Israel regarding the monitoring of the Axis are not true.

The Egyptian sources also explained in their statement that Israeli officials did not discuss control of the axis during the current ceasefire talks, but instead asked to participate in monitoring the area, including by sharing the use of new surveillance technology that Israel will purchase.

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