Egypt Submits Memorandum To ICJ On Israel’s Illegal Practices

Raghad Khaled

Egypt Submits Memorandum To International Court of Justice (ICJ) Against Israeli Atrocities In Gaza

Egypt will participate in an advisory opinion hearing, as requested by the United Nations General Assembly in front of the International Court of Justice.

The hearing will discuss the details of Israeli policies and actions in occupied Palestinian territory since 1976 on February 21st.

The Head Of State Information Services, Diaa Rashwan, explained in a statement that the memorandum affirms the illegality of the Israeli occupation which has lasted for over 75 years, therefore, violating International Humanitarian Laws.

The memorandum also affirms the illegality of land annexation, home destruction, and Palestinian displacement, violating the general rules of international law, including the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people and the prohibition of seizing land through the use of armed force.

Additionally, it also includes Israel’s policies of persecution, racial discrimination, and others that flagrantly violate international humanitarian rights.

The memorandum and the Egyptian plea call on the court to hold Israel accountable and confirm its responsibility for all violations of International Laws, which necessitates Israel’s immediate withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories, including the city of Jerusalem, and to compensate the Palestinian people for the damages they suffered as a result of the Israeli occupation and its unlawful actions.


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