Egypt To Implement A Prepaid System For Public Bus Tickets

Raghda Salah Embaby

Minister of Local Development, Hisham Amna, Minister of Military Production, Mohamed Salah Eddin Mostafa, and Cairo Governor, Khaled Abdel-Aal, witnessed the signing of a collaborative agreement on Sunday. The agreement introduces a prepaid system for Public Transport Authority buses in Cairo, aiming to enhance transportation efficiency and accessibility. This system will streamline boarding, reduce delays, and provide passengers with a more convenient and comfortable commuting experience. It also reflects the authorities’ commitment to address urban transportation challenges and promote sustainable mobility solutions. The initiative is expected to positively impact commuters’ daily lives and foster a greener, modernized transportation network in Cairo.





The ministry’s Public Transport Authority is actively working on enhancing environmental sustainability as part of its development plans. They are transitioning buses from diesel to natural gas and electricity to create a greener fleet. Moreover, they are acquiring new buses, setting up natural gas stations, installing electric chargers for 70 new electric buses, and implementing electronic ticketing systems for efficient fare collection. These efforts reflect their commitment to modernizing and making Cairo’s transportation network more eco-conscious and convenient for commuters.




The agreement includes implementing an electronic payment system for 1,800 buses in phases, replacing paper tickets with automated ones in line with the Public Transport Authority’s future plans. They will create a user-friendly smartphone app for bus information and launch a web page for special offers. These advancements aim to enhance efficiency, convenience, and accessibility for commuters while promoting the Authority’s objectives.


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