New Photos Of Ramadan Stir Controversy On Social Media

Raghda Salah Embaby

Mohamed Ramadan, the Egyptian superstar renowned for his music and acting career, has found himself at the center of a substantial controversy regarding his latest video clip. The release of photos from his new music video has triggered a tidal wave of criticism, chiefly focusing on his choice of wardrobe and the provocative poses exhibited by the featured models.

Ramadan’s attire in the video was widely regarded as inappropriate and offensive, consequently sparking outrage. In addition, critics asserted that the chosen outfits exhibited a distinct lack of cultural sensitivity and failed to uphold traditional values. Furthermore, the explicit and suggestive poses adopted by the models elicited strong disapproval from conservative viewers.


Social media platforms quickly became inundated with heated discussions and debates surrounding the issue. Supporters of Ramadan defended his artistic expression and emphasized the importance of freedom of speech and creativity. On the other hand, detractors argued that artists should be mindful of their influence and the potential impact their work can have on society, particularly on impressionable audiences.

The controversy exposes tension between artistic freedom and societal norms. Public figures, especially those with large followings, must consider the messages they convey. The incident raises questions about creative expression boundaries and cultural sensitivity in entertainment.



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