Egypt Warns Israel Of Suspending Peace Treaty If They Storm Rafah

Manar Eissa

According to Egyptian officials, Egypt warns Israel that any ground operation in Rafah will lead to the immediate suspension of the peace treaty.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has directed the Israeli military to make preparations for civilian evacuations in anticipation of a ground invasion in Rafah aimed at defeating Hamas. Despite being considered a safe haven for displaced Palestinians, Rafah may soon witness a bloody military action.

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Furthermore, Netanyahu has ordered the military to plan for civilian evacuations in preparation for a ground invasion in Rafah to defeat Hamas. Rafah is considered a safe place for displaced Palestinians. He stated, “Those who say that we should never enter Rafah are actually telling us that we should lose the war and leave Hamas there”

“We’re going to do it while providing safe passage for the civilian population so they can leave,” stated Netanyahu.

The prospect of a ground invasion has raised concerns among the United Nations and other aid organizations regarding the whereabouts of civilians should such an operation occur. Although the IDF previously designated Rafah as a safe zone, it risks becoming the next target in Israel’s ongoing conflict with Hamas.


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