Egyptian Songs That’ll Transport You Back To Your Childhood


Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane? Let’s turn up the volume and get ready to sing along to some of the most nostalgic Egyptian songs that’ll have you feeling like a kid again!

From catchy tunes that we couldn’t resist dancing to, to heartwarming ballads that made us feel all the feels, these classic Egyptian songs have a special place in our hearts and continue to be popular to this day.

Baba Fein by “Free Baby”

Oh, the nostalgia! “Free Baby” by Baba Feen takes us right back to our childhood. We remember playing hopscotch with our friends on the sidewalk, while this catchy tune blasted out of the neighbor’s speakers.

And now, years later, hearing this song again brings a smile to our faces and a warmth to our hearts. It’s amazing how music has the power to transport us back in time, even just for a few minutes.

Zaza & Gargir

This song and cartoon is guaranteed to bring back waves of nostalgia for anyone who grew up in Egypt during the late 2000s.

This catchy track, which was performed by the iconic duo Zaza and Gargir, was an instant hit for every kid and grown up alike.

With its upbeat melody and playful lyrics, the song was a true reflection of the carefree spirit of the times. Even today, years after its release, Zaza & Gargir’s theme song remains a beloved classic that continues to transport listeners back to those cherished moments of their youth.

Shankiloh by Mostafa Kamar

It’s impossible that you grew up in the 2000’s and didn’t absolutely love the movie “Hareem Kareem”. Not only was this movie a huge hit, the theme song resonated with viewers and you probably wouldn’t meet an Egyptian that hasn’t memorize it by heart!

With its irresistible beat and catchy chorus, this track was an instant hit among listeners of all ages. It will surely make you want to move and groove with its energetic rhythm and infectious melody.



Youm wara Youm – Samira Said ft Cheb Mami

Samira Said has always been an icon, and two can’t disagree that she has loads of hits. But, one hit that always seems to resonate would have to be “Youm wara Youm” featuring Cheb Mami!

Samira Said and Cheb Mami’s rendition of “Youm Wara Youm” continues to be played and enjoyed by audiences of all ages and has cemented its place as a timeless favorite in Arabic music. The song’s combination of traditional Arab instruments with modern pop elements, along with its powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, has made it an instant hit among listeners across the Arab world, and we can totally see why!


Mohamed Mounir’s “Fi 3esh2 El Banat”

Mohamed Mounir’s song “Fi 3esh2 El Banat” has a special place in the hearts of many people who grew up in the Middle East. It’s a classic tune that brings back memories of fun-filled weddings and festive occasions.

The beat is so catchy that it can make even the most reserved person want to dance. It’s amazing how a single song can have such a powerful effect on our emotions and transport us back in time. For those of us who grew up listening to “Fi 3esh2 El Banat,” it’s more than just a song; it’s a nostalgic journey to a simpler time when life was all about enjoying the company of friends and family.

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