Egyptians: “Sinai Is Where We Draw The Line”

Raghad Khaled

Egyptians: “Sinai Is Where We Draw The Line”

A hashtag trending on X (formerly known as Twitter) captured strong feelings from Egyptians after the two accidents that took place in the 2 Sinai cities of Taba and Nuweibaa.

At 2:00 a.m. Friday, Egyptians in Taba were awoken by the sound of an explosion near a hospital in Egypt’s Red Sea town of Taba.

The exploding object resulted in the damage of an ambulance authority unit, and the administration’s housing for a hospital.

Minutes after the accidents, forces reached the area in order to conduct the needed investigation to conclude the culprit.

The Armed Forces Spokesperson’s Comments on the Accidents in Sinai

After the investigation was concluded, the armed forces spokesperson announced that an unidentified drone caused the damage at Taba Hospital, injuring 6 individuals lightly.

He announced that they were all in good condition and had been discharged from the hospital.

He also added that an additional preliminary investigation is currently being conducted by the concerned authorities in order to determine the launch site of the drone.

Adding on, A security source told Al Kahera Al Ikhabreya that once the launch site is determined, all options are available to deal with it, and Egypt reserves the right to respond at the appropriate time.


A Projectile Falls on Nuweiba, Sinai

Two Egyptian Security Sources told Reuters on Friday that a projectile fell in The Red Sea City of Nuweiba, Sinai.

The sources also confirmed that authorities are still gathering information on the incident.

The sources said that the projectile fell in a part of the town that was desert land, and none was hurt.

A witness also told Reuters that a loud explosion was heard and clouds of dust were seen at a distance.

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