Emam Ashour Was Involved In A Fight With Security Guards At A Mall

Malak Nazir

Emam Ashour Raises Controversy On And Off Field

Al-Ahly player Emam Ashour has found himself at the center of controversy once again. This time, the conflict happened off-field in a mall in Cairo just a day before his match with Al-Dakhiliya in the Egyptian Premier League.

What Happened?

The incident shows Emam Ashour and a group of his friends entering the mall, only to become involved in a heated fight with the security staff on duty. The video has circulated across various social media platforms, with his name topping the trending list. The reasons behind the quarrel remain unclear, with different stories and speculations swirling around the motives and the events that led to the dispute.


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Amidst the swirling speculation, one narrative suggests that the conflict began after a security guard allegedly harassed Ashour’s wife, leading to the player’s forceful reaction. While others think that Emam Ashour and his friends violated mall policies and responded aggressively when confronted by security personnel.

In response to the incident, authorities have initiated an investigation, though details remain scant. As of now, neither Ashour nor Al-Ahly has publicly commented on the matter, leaving fans and the public to piece together the story from fragments of information and rampant speculation.

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