Environment Pauses Activities After Shark Sighting In Dahab

Raghad Khaled

Ministry Of Environment Pauses Activities After Shark Sighting In Dahab

Head of the Nature Protection Authority at the Ministry of Environment, Mohamed Sallam stated in an announcement that there has been a shark sighting at the Dahab Tourist Promenade Beach. 

Sallam also added to al Masry el youm that “It was decided to close the area from all activities, whether swimming, diving or fishing in any way, as a precautionary measure to prevent any damage from occurring,” referring to the Shark attack accident that took place in Hurghada. 

He pointed out that no accidents were reported, while the duration of the beach’s closure to its visitors was not specified, until the completion of inspections of the situation and the identification of the type of shark observed in the area. 

An accident in Hurghada had previously caused the death of a Russian tourist as a result of being attacked by a shark while swimming.

The shark was caught immediately and followed the evaluation procedures to identify the reasons for its attack on humans and its exit to the beach.

Additionally, to avoid more accidents, the Minister of Environment, Yasmin Fouad, recently announced the commencement of the preparatory phase of Studying shark behavior in the Red Sea, and especially Hurghada.

The project is considered to be the first ever of its kind in Egypt and will be completed in three stages.

Fouad confirmed that the study targets three types of sharks, which are responsible for all recorded incidents in the Red Sea in recent years, according to local and international statistics.

The project is also conducted under the supervision of an international expert specialized in this field. 


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