He Had A Female Accomplice! Latest Of “Safah El Tagamoa” Story

Raghad Khaled

He Had A Female Accomplice! Latest Of “Safah El Tagamoa” Story

A new development in the case of the “Safah El Tagamao”, who is accused of killing 3 women and disposing of their bodies on desert roads in Cairo, Ismailia, and Port Said.

Egyptian security forces have revealed new updates involving the arrest of a woman named Hanan, accusing her of involvement in the murders.

The police investigations revealed that Hanan, known as “Umm Shahd,” was attracting victims for the accused, while she was detained for 15 days pending investigations on charges of involvement in mass murder.

According to investigations by the security forces in Egypt, the perpetrator hired Hanan to bring him the girls.

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She disputed his crimes and said that her role was limited to bringing them only in exchange for money.

It is worth mentioning that the investigations revealed the motives for his crimes which indicated that his ex-wife allegedly cheated on him, leading him to take revenge on all the women in his own, brutal and sadistic ways,

However, the police did not determine the accuracy of the killer’s motivations.

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