“I Felt Like A King!” Safah El Tagamoa Revealed The Extent Of His Crimes

Raghad Khaled

“I Felt Like A King!” Safah El Tagamoa Revealed The Extent Of His Crimes

The case which has preoccupied the Egyptian public over the past few weeks, was held yesterday. Safah El Tagamoa or Kairm Muslim is accused of killing three girls after torturing them, burying their bodies in the desert, human trafficking, and drug abuse.

The details of his crimes were disturbingly displayed in a heavily protected courtroom, with no family attending. 

During the trial, Karim highlighted his upbringing in the United States with his family, explaining how his family’s strictness resulted from fear of him adopting Western values.

When he became a teenager, his mother forbade him from love and relationships with girls, saying, “You will go to hell.”

He also revealed that his parents prevented him from attending the “sex education” class at school, claiming that as a Muslim, he should not be exposed to such things. He asked his parents, “How are babies made?” and their answer was far from logical.

Furthermore, the defendant said he decided to try everything his parents had forbidden him from during his university years, saying, “I was living away from home, doing whatever I wanted, and I didn’t care about anything. My relationships with women were very perverted.”

Life with his ex-wife:

As for his life in Egypt with his wife, he explained that they went to work as teachers at an international school in Port Said.

After a while, his wife “Lubna” said she wanted to return to Cairo.

She left him and rented an apartment there. Her taking this step drove him to engage in all forms of sexual activities with several women in Port Said and to film these acts, to prove to her that he did not need her and that he was still desired.

Karim’s second hearing has been scheduled for a later date, which will be secluded to view the video evidence. 

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