Kanye West Concert: Will It Be Canceled?

Manar Eissa

After the announcement of the American rapper Kanye West’s concert to be held in Egypt in front of the Saqqara Pyramid on April 20, concerns have arisen about the event’s potential cancellation. The company organizing the event mentioned that it will feature Kanye West along with five other singers, whose identities remain undisclosed for reasons yet unknown.

Actions against the concert:

Lawyer Amr Abdel Salam has provided insights to Cairo 24 regarding YE’s announcement, expressing concerns and emphasizing his intention to take immediate legal action. He plans to engage relevant authorities, including the Ministries of Culture, Tourism, and Interior, as well as the Authority for the Control of Artistic Works and the Syndicate of Musical Professions.

Abdel Salam aims to compel the concert organizers to disclose the identities of all participating singers. This step is deemed necessary to enable security services to conduct thorough investigations into their backgrounds and past performances. The objective is to ensure that the artistic content of the concert aligns with the values, customs, traditions, and identity of the Egyptian people.

Not the first time..  Travi Scott

This is not the first time a concert has been canceled after its announcement. In 2023, the Egyptian Musicians’ Syndicate pointed out “safety concerns” as the reason for canceling Travis Scott’s concert two weeks after its announcement.  

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