“Let It Rot” Port Said Residents Are Taking A Stand Against Seafood Price Surge

Raghad Khaled

“Let It Rot” Port Said Residents Are Taking A Stand Against Seafood Price Surge

Known as the best seafood spot in Egypt, residents from across Egypt travel to Port Saeed to get a much-needed taste of the coastal city’s heavenly seafood! However, lately, seafood prices have surged, causing the lowest-priced fish products to become inaccessible.

Once rendered as cheap, mullet fish’s prices have skyrocketed, reaching almost EGP 120 per KG!

The inaccessibility of products that were once rendered cheap has caused residents of the city to call for a governorate-wide boycott, forcing vendors to decrease the price.

One of the buyers told Al Masry Al Youm: “It is unfortunate that the fish we used to get here at dirt cheap to reach EGP 200 per kilo. This is the slander and greed of the merchants. The sellers are now richer than the buyers. We will leave it to them until it rots.”


Fish market, Cairo, Egypt. Photo by Samuel Stacey, 2012. | Flickr

As reported by the citizens, the boycott has gotten wide applause from the online community and has proven useful since its launch.

Worried about their products going bad, merchants made one-day discounts and reduced fish prices by 75%, but the people rejected this as it would not force them to stop the boycott, which the residents hope continue for a week.

He stressed that most of the shops had stopped selling since yesterday and that the market had already been empty of buyers.

The boycott has been extended by demanding visits from other cities coming to the governorate to stop buying and to respond to the boycott of the people of Port Said Governorate.


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