Minister Of Tourism Approves New Laws For Hajj

Raghad Khaled

Minister Of Tourism Approves New Laws For Hajj

Egyptian Minister for Tourism and Antiquities, Ahmed Issa approved new laws for pilgrimage!

These regulations have been established by the Supreme Committee for Umrah and Hajj, with the assistance of the technical committees of the Central Administration of Tourism Companies in the Ministry and with the participation of representatives of both the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers and the Chamber of Travel and Tourism Companies and Agencies, to achieve the targeted excellence and advance and develop the Hajj tourism system.

The companies in charge of ground transportation will be required to ensure that the buses transporting pilgrims by land must have modern specifications, provided that the model of the buses is not less than 2016, to enhance and maintain the comfort and safety of pilgrims.

He also approved a law, allowing women above 25 to perform Hajj without a male guardian.

Furthermore, He also approved for the first time, that the citizen who wins the Hajj tourist draw will be allowed to cede the opportunity for pilgrimage to one of his parents (father or mother) or the parents to cede it to one of his or her children.

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