Mohamed Ramadan Responds After Slapping A Young Man

Malak Nazir

Mohamed Ramadan Slapped A Fan In Sahel

After Amr Diab’s recent incident, another similar video has taken social media by storm. Mohamed Ramadan recently made headlines by slapping a young man in Sahel. Keep reading to know how the young man reacted and Ramadan’s response to the backlash.

What Sparked the Altercation?

As Ramadan walked through a compound in Sahel and fans surrounded him, as he usually does. One fan, referencing a trending meme, called him ‘Mohamed Hamdan’ (Sour Mohamed). This joke did not sit well with Ramadan. He demanded the man repeat his words and hand over his phone to delete a video.

Without warning, Mohamed Ramadan delivered a sharp slap to the man’s face. The fan retaliated instantly with his own slap. Security intervened quickly, preventing further confrontation.


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Mohamed Ramadan’s Reaction to Criticism

People have been eagerly waiting for Ramadan’s response. Some of the public awaited an apology from Ramadan, or perhaps a peace offering to the young man. However, Ramadan chose neither options. Instead, Mohamed Ramadan continued to make public appearances. He interacted warmly with other fans and shared videos on Instagram, seemingly addressing the backlash indirectly.

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