Why Did Ahmed Refaat Travel If He Was Suspended? Hany Hathout Uncovered New Details

Raghad Khaled

Why Did Refaat Travel If He Was Suspended? Hany Hathout Uncovered New Details During An Interview With Modern Sports Club Former President

Egyptian TV Presenter Hany Hathout recently stirred controversy on social media after a fiery interview with Modern Sports Club’s former president, Walid Dabaas regardning the death of the late football player Ahmed Refaat.

During the interview, Hathout asked Dabaas questions related to the circumstances that led up to the player’s tragic death.

Hathout asked Dabaas, “Why did Ahmed Refaat travel to Ghana if he was suspended from traveling, why was he en route to Liberia?” To which Dabaas replied, “He was supposed to travel to Liberia for a match, but he was not going to play, because he was suspended,”

Hathour then replied, “Then why would he travel if he was suspended?”

Walid answered, “The team has a system, we take the big names with us.”

Additionally, Dabaas added “Nader Shawky plays a major part in Ahmed Refaat’s issue with military enlistment, and he should’ve worked towards solving the issue as the player refrained from being recruited for almost 9 months. Nader knows all the details of Al Wehda’s contract and the player.”

Shaker had recently gone on the “El Kora With Fayek” on which he revealed some of the issues Refaat went through before he passed away.

نادر شوقي يكشف أسباب ازمة الراحل أحمد رفعت وحقيقه تعرضه للضغوط

Additionally, a verbal altercation was ignited during the episode when Hathout asked Dabaas if he had been brought in for questioning, given that he was the president of the club when the issue first took place.

This question agitated Dabaas, leading him to lash out at Hathout and accuse him of having an agenda and being commissioned to paint a certain image.

Hathout quickly ended the call, but not before defending himself saying “We’re not commissioned, Doctor. You haven’t answered most of the questions during our 45-minute call, our goal is to find who killed Ahmed Refaat.”

He also expressed his wish to have this episode included as evidence for the prosecution’s investigation.”

Walid Dabaas submits his resignation:

Walid Dabaas submitted his resignation and sold his shares to the club’s previous owner after the episode with Hathout went viral.

In a statement, Modern Sports Club announced the club’s president and stated that since Rifaat’s agent’s statement on Ibrahim Fayek’s “El Kora with Fayek”, the club has been subjected to a fierce media campaign that has no goal other than to distort the club.

The statement added that Walid Dabaas submitted his resignation from the presidency of the Modern Sports Club’s Board of Directors due to the distortion of his person and the club’s entity the distortion of his statements and an attempt to deliberately create a wedge between him and the family of the late Ahmed Refaat, public opinion, and all fans of the late player.

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