Salah Faces Backlash Over Gaza Christmas Post

Manar Eissa

Mohamed Salah faces a huge criticism after publishing a Christmas post with a message for Gaza. People criticized Salah for two main reasons, the first because he is Muslim although he is celebrating Christmas, and the second reason because Salah has been silent for a long time on Gaza war.

Salah expressed a heavy heart Christmas message as he described it due to the tension in the Middle East and the brutal situation in Gaza, he said, Christmas is a time when families get together and celebrate, however, with the on-going war in the Middle East and especially the brutal war on Gaza, as people will be in Christmas with a heavy heart.

A few days ago, Salah sparked widespread controversy after visiting the ‘Alderly Hey’ hospital in England to bring cheer to children during the Christmas season. He has been trending on social media for the past couple of days,  with people expressing both support and criticism of his visit amid the ongoing Gaza war.

Some criticized Salah for dressing as Santa Claus and giving presents to children in England while the brutal Gaza war continues, with 8,000 people reported shot dead by occupation forces, as stated by the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Others defended Salah by saying that this is not his first time celebrating Christmas.

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