The Different Types Of People You’ll Bump Into At Work


Welcome to the world of the modern workplace, where you’ll encounter all sorts of characters on a daily basis. From the office gossip queen to the caffeine addict, the time traveler to the soliloquist, each person you meet will have their own unique quirks and personalities at work.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common types of people you’ll bump into at work: Whether you’re new to the workforce or a seasoned veteran, this guide will help you understand the personalities you’ll encounter!

7. The one that gets up extra early to get glam – “The Fashionista”

Meet the early bird, the one who rises before the chickens and the roosters. This person is always the first one up and out of the house, and they take their morning routine very seriously, or at least they try to.

Whether it’s applying their makeup, styling their hair or picking out the perfect outfit, they make sure that every detail is taken care of, or at least they try to. They are often seen as the trendsetters in the office, and they inspire others to take care of themselves as well, or at least they try to.

6. The know it all – The “Micro Manager”

Meet the micro-manager, the person who wants to control every little thing. They are the ones who hover over their employees like a helicopter, never letting them out of their sight.

They want to know what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and why you’re doing it. They want to be copied on every email, cc’d on every message and included in every meeting, even if it’s just to get the agenda. They have an answer for everything, and they’re not afraid to tell you how to do your job, even if they have no idea what they’re talking about.

5. The one always munching on something – The “Cookie Monster”

Meet the office snack connoisseur. He/she has always got something delicious hiding in their desk drawer, whether it’s a bag of chips, a package of cookies, or a box of donuts.

This person is like a human vending machine, always dispensing tasty treats to anyone who’s hungry. The only problem is, he’s always hungry too! You can always find him sneaking a bite of something between meetings or typing away with a mouthful of food. On the plus side though, he always offers to share his snacks.

4. The one that talks to himself – The “Office’s Soliloquist”

This is not limited to work-related notes or thoughts but also includes random outbursts of laughter, complaints, and even at times an opera worthy singing performance.


3. Late but worth the wait – The office time traveler

The office time traveler. Always running late whether it’s for a meeting or just showing up to work. They’ve got a million excuses, from traffic jams to forgotten alarms. But, despite their case of chronic lateness, they always have a smile on their face and a story to tell.

They’re masters of a grand entrance and always manages to make a scene when they finally arrive. So, if you’re ever looking for a little excitement in your day, just wait for this person to show up, probably with the coffee cup that made them late.

2. The office’s news station – the “Gossip”

Meet the office gossip queen. Always in the know, whether it’s the latest company rumors or who’s dating who. She’s got ears like a bat and a memory like an elephant. They’re like a one-person news station, always keeping the office informed, whether they want to hear it or not.

You can always find them huddled in a corner with a small group of coworkers, dishing the dirt on the latest office drama. Their coworkers are always on edge, never sure what secrets they might spill.

1. The one that’ll snooze if it wasn’t for their caffeine addiction – “The caffeine addict”

Fueled by their love for the bean. Meet the office caffeine king. Always wired, and never too far away from their trusty coffee mug, whether it’s a piping hot cup of joe or an iced mocha.

They’re always jittery, from the caffeine in their system and their colleagues have learned to only communicate with them after their first cup of coffee. But, despite his constant need for caffeine, he’s always alert and on top of his work, a true testament to the power of coffee.

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