The Lovin Cairo Show: Unexplained Mysteries: Pet Lizard Vanishes and Antique Bed Disappears!

Malak Nazir

Pet lizard and antique bed disappearance?

Tune in to the latest episode of The Lovin Cairo Show for a captivating discussion on today’s most intriguing headlines. Today’s episode is all about unexplained mysteries, where a pet lizard vanishes and antique bed disappears!

The story of Zooba, the pet lizard who ran away from home

Zooba the lizard’s daring escape has the usually quiet New Giza compound buzzing with excitement and chaos! Her owner is frantically searching, dividing the neighborhood. Some are eager to help, while others peek around nervously.

Zooba the lizard’s adventure has gone viral online! Heartfelt sympathies and humorous takes are everywhere, sparking debates and laughs. This small, scaly runaway is stirring up a huge community conversation!

Intriguing disappearance of an antique bed from Muhammad Ali Palace

When a visitor returned to Mohamed Ali’s Palace, expecting to revisit the magnificent 850kg silver bed she last saw in 2020, she was shocked to find it missing! The absence of this antique sparked wild speculations—was it stolen? Sold? The palace was abuzz with theories. But fear not, the mystery had a rather shiny resolution: the bed hadn’t disappeared into thin air; it was simply off getting polished, ready to dazzle visitors once more with its lustrous charm!

Power-cuts on hold during Coptic Eid days

Counselor Mohamed Al-Hosamani, the official spokesperson for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, stated that coordination has occurred between Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, the Prime Minister, and the Ministers of Electricity and Renewable Energy, and Petroleum and Mineral Resources. This was to halt the implementation of the plan to reduce electrical loads on churches during the Easter celebrations and Holy Week.

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