These Movies Will Ignite The Sense Of Patriotism In Your Heart

Raghad Khaled

These Movies Will Ignite The Sense Of Patriotism In Your Heart

As the 50th anniversary of 73 war win approaches, Egyptians’ sense of patriotism increases wholesomely. So, we gathered 5 movies for you to binge this weekend that will fill your hearts with wholesome and patriotic pride.

5. The Days Of Sadat

Portrayed by the legendary, and Egyptian favorite Ahmed Zaki, the movie portrays the life of the late Egyptian president Anwar El Sadat and his rise from a modest background into the president of Egypt.


4. The Bullet Is Still In My Pocket

The events of the movie revolve around a young egyptian soldier who is received with distaste by the people of his village after the setback of 1967.

After that, he contributes to the win of the 6th of October and decides to marry the girl he loves.

3. Stories of an Estranged

The movie focuses on the spirit of patriotism that exploded during the October War, especially during the siege of Suez, where the simple Egyptian citizen found himself facing a great challenge, to give up or refuse to leave his land and defend it with all his might.

2. Wall of Heroism

The movie presents the intertwined human relationships of soldiers and officers who are going through the stages of developing the Air Defense Forces and the stages of building the missile wall, including Lieutenant Colonel Jalal, who is trying to marry his love despite the circumstances of the war, and Sergeant Mujahid, who swears revenge on the killers of his son at Bahr Al-Baqar School.

1. The Road to Eilat

The movie takes place during the War of Attrition in 1969, before the October War, specifically in July. The film deals with the Egyptian raids on the Israeli port of Eilat, operations carried out by a group of frogmen belonging to the Egyptian Navy when they attacked the Eilat War Port and were able to destroy two warships: Beit Sheva, Bat Yam, and the war pier (the two ships were attacking the Egyptian positions in the Red Sea after the Israeli forces took over the Sinai), then the return of these frogs safely after completing their mission successfully, after the martyrdom of one hero.

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