This Egyptian Woman Reported A Ukrainian Expat Who Hit Her Car And Assaulted Her

Raghad Khaled

“She Cursed And Assaulted Me!” This Egyptian Woman Reported A Ukrainian Expat Who Hit Her Car

A Ukrainian expat residing in a 5th settlement compound has been arrested after committing an accident while driving while intoxicated.

Hala Abd El Fattah, the woman whose car had been hit narrated the story to Egyptian news outlet Cairo24.

She told them that she awoke to the sound of a loud car crash near her house at a 5th settlement compound. She promptly left her home to check on her car and aid anyone who had been hurt in the accident.

Upon exiting her building, she found her car crashed, however, she hastily ran to the site of the crash to pull out the driver.

After checking her car, she quickly called the police to document the accident and to guarantee her rights to compensation.

Surprisingly enough, the driver who is a Ukrainian expat quickly started throwing obscenities at her and physically assaulted her.

It has been revealed that the Ukrainian girl had been driving under the influence and that her residency had expired 6 months before the accident.

In the police report, Hala confirmed in her report that she called the police to report the details of the incident, and the Ukrainian girl insulted her with the most horrific words in English and Arabic, and assaulted her by beating her, according to the informant’s description in her report.

The officers took the girl to the police station to further investigate the accident, and Hala filed a police report against her, accusing her of assaulting her by beating, insulting, and slandering her.

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