This Expat In The Netherlands Surprised His Crew With Egypt’s Impeccable Hospitality

Raghad Khaled

This expat in The Netherlands surprised his crew with Egypt’s impeccable hospitality, and the responses were so wholesome!

When it comes to hospitality, Egyptians always dominate. Across the world, Egyptians are known for their impeccable hospitality, and their efforts to spoil their guests.

So naturally, when this Egyptian expat in the Netherlands offered a crew of workers doing a job in his backyard some tea, bananas, and nuts, they were shocked!

Other Experiences:

The expat ended up posting his experience on X, causing other expats to share their experience with being hospitable to Europeans, and how shocked they always got!

In a tweet, one girl said “I once had a roommate in Germany who had an exam, when I offered to make her a sandwich, she was overjoyed saying ‘None has ever done something like this for me!'”

Someone else hopped on the thread and shared her experience saying “It was a very hot day and we had the Gardner. A quarter of an hour after he began working, he started to sweat and his skin was very red. I brought out a chilled water bottle and gave him a plate of watermelon and told him it was too hot today, please, help yourself. He looked at me like I was crazy! So I laughed and told him it was for you. You’re working hard”

Egyptian and Arab hospitality is undisputed!

Others replied arguing that Egyptian and Arab hospitality and indisputable, and that it’s a comforting and wholesome concept that was instilled in us from a very young age. And that even after crossing borders, it still follows along like a jar of sunshine.

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