Tragic Accident: A microbus And A Truck Collided On The Middle Ring Road Resulting In 18 Deaths And Injuries

Manar Eissa

Nine people were killed and nine others injured on Wednesday in a tragic accident in Cairo, when a passenger microbus, carrying 18 people, collided with a trailer truck on the Middle Ring Road highway near 15 May City south of Cairo.


Eyewitnesses stated that one of the two cars was driving in the opposite direction, as the collision occurred with each car facing the other.

Investigations into the causes of the Middle Ring Road accident revealed several factors, with the main cause attributed to the overloading of the microbus. The Microbus should transport only 14 passengers, however, the microbus was loaded with 18 passengers, making it difficult for the driver to control the vehicle while driving.

Further inspection of the collision on the Middle Ring Road revealed that a truck, traveling at high speeds, lost control as the driver lost the steering wheel. The truck collided with three lighting poles and then the concrete barrier of the road, eventually striking a microbus traveling in the opposite direction. This collision resulted in the tragic loss of all passengers aboard the microbus.

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