Wegz Deletes His Facebook Account In Solidarity With Palestine

Raghad Khaled

Wegz Deletes His Facebook Account In Solidarity With Palestine

In a solidarity initiative, Egyptian rapper and upcoming actor Wegz has deleted his Facebook and Messenger accounts in solidarity with Palestine.

As the war continues to rage on Gaza, the singer has openly criticized Meta’s attempts to censor, and remove pro-Palestinian posts, claiming the move to be a violation of Human Rights.

In an Instagram story, he announced the news saying, “I just deleted Facebook and Messenger. I’m ashamed I’m using Instagram and generating revenue for Meta, the company that covers up for genocide. Waiting for a free platform for us to talk without being silenced. Everyone is sick of their bullshit anyway”

His Stance on Palestine:

Since the beginning of the war on Gaza, Wegz has shown absolute solidarity with the Palestinian cause. He utilized his Instagram account to raise awareness about the ongoing situation in Gaza, and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

He also used his world tour to spread awareness among his audience and teach them about Palestinians’ rights to their land, and the brutal force of occupation.

Additionally, he donated a portion of his world tour proceedings to the people in Gaza and the West Bank.


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