‘El Hareefa’ Are Coming Back With A Sequel In 2024!

Malak Nazir

Sequel Spill from the Producer

Guess what? El Hareefa sequel’s coming! Tarek El Ganainy, the mastermind producer behind the hit, couldn’t contain the excitement and spilled the beans during an interview with Lamis Elhadidy. Brace yourselves for the end of 2024, because that’s when the magic happens again!

‘El Hareefa’ has achieved remarkable success at the Egyptian box office, garnering almost EGP 55 million in revenue. This significant achievement has led to the confirmation of a sequel for the widely acclaimed film.

What’s Next Ya Hareefa?

Remember the buzz in January? That was ‘El Hareefa’ landing in theaters and stealing hearts faster than you could say “action!” With a cast list that reads like the who’s who of the acting world — from Nour El-Nabawy to Ahmed Hossam Mido and the rest of the gang — it was a hit waiting to happen. And happen it did!

So, what can we expect from ‘El Hareefa’s’ sequel? More thrills, spills, and a chance to see our favorite characters navigate new adventures, we hope! Keep your eyes peeled and your calendars marked for the end of 2024.

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