Dar Al Ifta Launches Platform For Palestinian Cause Education

Raghad Khaled

Dar Al Ifta Launches Platform For Palestinian Cause Education

Stemming from Egypt’s pioneering role and highlighting its belief in just causes and its keenness to enhance awareness of our history and civilization, Dar Al Ifta has launched an online platform dedicated to educating users on the Palestinian Cause. 

This move was based on the directives of the Grand Mufti, Doctor Shawki Allam to support the Palestinian cause with all available capabilities, especially within the framework of benefiting from the technical development and media excellence of the “Dar Al-Iftaa Portal.”

Al Ifta explained in a statement that this move represents the embodiment of Egypt’s deep commitment to supporting Palestine and its people while utilizing the latest technical means and media platforms in order to reach larger audiences.

The platform aims to increase the awareness of Palestinian cause through multiple educational sections on the newly launched platform.

It explains the most important religious landmarks in Palestine through the “Know Palestine” section.

It also devoted a section to mention “history and conquests” that took place in the holy land and a special section was created to recall “prophets and companions buried in Palestine,” as well as a “Scholars” section.

In addition to the “Gallery” section, the platform also contains several videos that include prayers for our brothers in Palestine and prayers in support of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Platform can be found Here

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